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Tomato fights, truffle hunting, and limoncello tasting…


For a true Spanish or Italian experience on your holiday try these unique activities for a holiday to remember!


La Tomatina: the world’s biggest tomato fight taking place on the last Wednesday of August in a picturesque town near Valencia.

Tapas tours: those keen to taste genuine food and drink of Spanish and Catalan cuisine will enjoy a Tapas Tour and learn some recipes to try at home.

Wine tasting: sample the great Spanish wines at the vineyards themselves.



Truffle hunting with specialist dogs: embark on a trip though the woods with an experienced truffle hunter along with specialist dogs to sniff out the best truffles!

Mozarella making: learn about the process of making this delicious cheese in a personalized visit to a family owned producer in Campania, considered to be the best in the world!

Limoncello tasting: Sorrento limoncello is known for its quality and many guests enjoy sampling this refreshing liqueur whilst in the region.


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