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The spookiest places to visit in Europe!

Happy Halloween!

Europe has more than a few spooky places to discover, have you heard of The Chapel of Skulls in Poland or occult experiments within the walls of the eeery Houska Castle in the Czech Republic perhaps? Read more from DFDS Seaways blog on the 10 Spookiest Locations in Europe below!…

The Chapel of Skulls, Poland

The Chapel of Skulls, Poland

‘Europe is home to some seriously spooky places, with its endless castles, creepy houses, and dark forests. All this history and culture naturally gives rise to a folklore, legends, and ghost stories. We’re sure even the bravest travellers will find something to leave them suitably spooked out.

We’ve searched out the creepiest places in Europe, from the fairy tale forests of Germany to the underworld of the French capital, so you can have a spooky adventure of your own. Here are our top 10 spookiest places in Europe.

Paris catacombs

Paris catacombs


Paris catacombs

Far below the elegant streets of Paris lies a dark and creepy place synonymous with death. Travel to the south of the city, near to the former city gate known ominously as the Gate of Hell (Barrière d’Enfer), and you’ll find the entrance to the Paris Catacombs. This vast network of tunnels and chambers is filled with the bones of nearly 6 million people, arranged in gruesome but surprisingly artistic forms. They were taken there in the 1780s as the city’s centuries-old graveyards overflowed with bodies from wars, diseases, and famine, and conditions became unbearable. Remains were dug up, and nightly processions through the streets with chanting priests and black veils moved the millions of bones underground to their current resting place. A small part of the catacombs are open to the public, but some brave souls have ventured deeper beyond the sign that reads ‘Arrête!C’est ici l’empire de la Mort.’(Stop! This is the empire of the Dead!’

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