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Holiday review: “Lapland, what a holiday!”



Read all about our lucky customers Lindsay and Cathy on their trip to Lapland in December where a break there is not just for Christmas, but it helps!


“Firstly, I must tell you that I am sworn to secrecy to the exact location of Santa’s house! Our journey started at Gatwick airport to Rovaniemi airport in Lapland. Our watches were turned forward two hours. The temperature on our arrival was -14 degrees, with a good depth of snow everywhere. From there, we travelled into the Arctic Circle and on towards our hotel destination in Luosto, stopping only to collect our thermal suits and boots.


On our journey, we listened to Mrs Claus telling us the about the five elves, that help Santa all year long, helping him to deal with all of the letters Santa receives and make all the presents, he delivers each year. The elves are called- Noisy Nod (who is 452 years old), Speedy Sam (who decides which children have been naughty or nice), Snowy Bowy (who puts all of the bows on the presents), Wendy Wood (the chief toy maker), and Tricky Dicky (who is a real monkey, playing tricks on everyone), plus the many green elves (also Santa’s helpers). We were told we will be hunting the local area for elves, who will be giving us the clues to find Santa!Before we reached our Hotel for dinner, we saw Snowy Bowy at the side of the road, where she gave us our first clue to start our quest to find Santa…




We boarded the coach at 9am, our tour manager Jack told us that he thought the clue meant us to travel to the Husky centre, where we were given the chance to drive six huskies 4 km threw the forest: this was most exhilarating! After, we toured the kennels, seeing older and recently born Huskies.


After a lunch break, and receiving another clue, we travelled on to a large hill , where we spent a time tobogganing. This I managed to refrain from doing, but many adults and children had great fun climbing the hill, time and time again to enjoy the ride down.


Then another clue was passed to us and on we went to the reindeer centre, where we took a 2 km reindeer sleigh ride threw the forest, before a very interesting talk by the reindeer farm owner regarding his stock and all the aspects of living in a Lapland community:


The problems of the growing numbers of the protective species of the Black Bear and the Wolves , who were killing the young reindeer. The wolves in particular are a problem, becoming much braver, entering the villages and killing peoples and dogs.


After this tiring day, we received another clue and headed back to the Merry Elf for a children’s party and then on to the hotel for dinner.




Our coach was ready to carry on our journey at 10.15am, off for the fun of driving snowmobiles over a very bumpy track!


More clues and to another toboggan site, then off to an area for a snowball fight (with strict rules of combat), lunch followed and then elf games and driving ski-doos.


Finally at 4.30 pm, beginning to feel all was lost, we came to a ski-doo sleigh area, and we were asked to help Wendy Wood to clean up all the saw dust after making so many wooden toys


We found a secret passage to find Mrs Claus, sat and had a pleasant chat, before saying the magic word and passed by the magic bookcase, down the stairs, there we found the man himself! Another chat, and Cathy got a surprise present (not from me). Then we headed back to our hotel for dinner. On all of these trips we kept meeting the elves, mentioned earlier, who played with the children.



Boxing day was a day of your own choice, finishing with the elves Christmas Party at the Kelo, where you could buy a book about the elves story and the elves autographed their own pages in all the children’s books.


The morning of the 27th, we prepared to return home, at lunch , all the elves joined us, signing any books that had missed the night before.


It was strange having only about 1  1/2 hours of daylight each day, but we seemed to be in an eerie twilight most of the day.


Overall it was a great experience, watching all the children and parents have a magical time.




Lindsay & Cathy



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