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Discover Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula


12 Must See Things in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula…

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1. Flowing from the Chiapas highlands to the Caribbean Sea at Tabasco, the Grijalva is one of Mexico’s longest rivers.

2. In the village of Chamula a blend of Mayan and Catholic religious beliefs are held and the unique Church of San Juan Bautista reflects this.

3. Witness the unique culture of the indigenous Tzotzil Mayans in the village of Zinacantán, which is located in the Chiapas Highlands.

4. The ruins of Palenque are spread out over a vast area and showcase a fine example of refined Mayan architecture.

5. During Mexico’s dry season the mineral filled pools between Agua Azul terraced waterfalls are a beautiful vivid turquoise.

6. Adjacent to the border with Guatemala on the bank of the Usumacinta River are the ancient ruins of Yaxchilá, once one of the most powerful Mayan states.

7. Tikal National Park, in neighbouring Guatemala, consists of a vast area of rainforest and one of the world’s most important Mayan archaeological sites.

8. Close to the border with Belize is the city of Chetumal, home to the Museum of Mayan Culture.

9. Located south of the city of Mérida are the ruins of Uxmal, where the buildings have a distinct style of smooth walls and ornate friezes.

10. Beautiful Mérida is the capital city of Mexico’s Yucatan state. The heart of the city is criss-crossed by narrow streets, and is full of charming and colourful colonial architecture.

11. The small colonial city of Valladolid is a charming alternative to the more popular cities of Mérida andCancun.

12. With its Caribbean-side backdrop, the archaeological site of Tulum is arguably home to some of Mexico’s most beautiful ruins.

13. Once one of the most important Mayan ports, the ruins of Xcaret are now part of the ecological theme resort Xcaret Park.

14. Probably the most famous of Mexico’s Mayan ruins, UNESCO-listed Chichen Itza is one of the New7Wonders of the World.



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