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The “Great British Summer”- want to escape to the sun but concerned if Brexit will affect your 2016 summer holiday?

The ‘Great British Summer’ is here! If you think of grey skies, muggy days and thunder storms as the perfect summer perhaps. You could even be forgiven for mistaking today’s weather for March! Across Europe though, the weather is feeling very different. Today in Lisbon the temperature is a sunny 25ºC, 28ºC on Crete, 23ºC in the Azores and a sizzling 34ºC in Sicily. 

Want to escape to the sunshine but concerned about what effect Britain’s exit from the EU will have on your summer holiday this year? The good news is that currently it is looking like there haven’t been any changes in prices: read this useful blog by Sunvil with some facts and figures for your holiday, including everything from the average price of a glass of orange juice on holiday to a day excursion.

If you are concerned about what effect the result of the EU referendum has on travel within Europe feel free to contact us, you can also refer to ABTA’s Q&A section on Brexit here. Overall, the outlook for this summer is looking good so book your escape to the sun now!

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