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Airport hotels

gatwickPeople are often concentrating on their holidays and forget the arrangements of getting to the airport , parking and airport hotels.

I recently  went on a Gatwick flight at 7.20am, obviously I didn’t want to have to get up and drive to Gatwick so I decided to go the night before and stay over.

As I was looking I came across The Bloc, this is a hotel in the actual South terminal at Gatwick.

It cost £71 for the night and was very convenient, ok so there were no frills but there was a nice comfortable bed and a small wet room with shower.

It reminded me a bit of a pod hotel that you might find in the Far East , only more comfortable!

Better still the departures was right outside the hotel entrance, meaning I could get up, shower and be at the gate in no time at all so I would definitely recommend it!

Don’t forget us for your  car parking, lounges and hotels when you make your booking.

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