This month we are excited about… Indochina!


So, why see Indochina?

You may have been following Sue Perkins BBC journey along the magical Mekong River in Vietnam. She has been enjoying her own expedition through the river’s mystical waters, and it got us thinking about our own favourite things to do in Indochina. So why not start your own adventure in the land of the ancient cities and welcoming smiles?

Our top 10 favourite things to do in Indochina… and beyond!-

  1. Search and barter for handicrafts at the famous Cai Be floating market along the Mekong, in Vietnam
  2. Visit the ancient Angkor Wat temple complex built in the foreboding but magnificent 12th Century Khmer empire, in Cambodia
  3. Lap up the sun in Nadam Beach’s crystal clear waters, in Thailand
  4. Spend a day on a special foodie tour by bike sampling Vietnam’s finest street food
  5. Rise early in Luang Prabang to witness the ancient ritual of monks collecting alms at dawn, in Laos.
  6. Sail overnight on a traditional Vietnamese junk boat through towering cliffs in the beautiful Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
  7. Enjoying breathing in the purest air from the top of the Nepalese mountains
  8. Take a thrilling Tuk-Tuk ride through Bangkok’s bustling streets
  9. Take an overnight train between Xian and Beijing letting you experience first hand the way China’s vast land changes that you just wouldn’t see from air.
  10. Experience the stunning views across the Ta Van Valley and get an insight into the fascinating lives of the ethnic minority villagers in Sapa that thrive in the unique conditions that life high in the mountains of Vietnam bring.

Interested in seeing any of it in real life? Whether you’d prefer sharing experiences on an intimate trip that will last forever with loved ones or experiencing the camaraderie spirit of a small group tour, take a look at some of the deals below or use our holiday search to get you into the mood for the trip of a lifetime!


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