Where to find the perfect blend of Italian cuisine with an Arabian twist?… Sicily of course!

Sicily is the land of diversity when it comes to ambience, its distinctive architecture, exploring ancient Greek sites, the landscape, its beaches, the people and not to mention its incredibly richly flavoured food.

Its people have certainly been some of the world’s most legendary and philosophical. Wolfgang Goethe, the renowned author of the epic Faust, said of Sicily- “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.” We agree, in fact though Sicilian is considered merely a dialect of Italian about 70 percent of people in Sicily actually speak Sicilian not Italian. Furthermore, one of the world’s most famous mathematicians Archimedes was born in Sicily, so as far as impressive locals go need we say more. Not to mention the Arabs, Normans, Byzantines, Greeks, Romans and Spanish – you name it they’ve all been here too.

Resort wise aside from the better known resorts of Taormina and charming Cafalu, Western Sicily offers a truly authentic experience, whilst on the Baroque South East is widely recognised as the gastronomic capital of the island (cue spaghetti with fresh dates…perhaps!), and who couldn’t miss out the scenery of where the classic Montalbano is filmed?

In fact the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has 600 miles of coastline and yet it is still somewhat unspoiled by global tourism. So whether your simply after the perfect beach break for unwinding, trekking up to the immense active volcanoes Etna and Stomboli, getting stuck in to its crazy cultural mix, or taking a geological and ancient ruin adventure be one of the remaining few pioneers who have yet to discover this beautiful island before everyone else catches on!

Whether you’d prefer to stay in one of its 5* beach resorts, in a cozy family run hotel, or perhaps even plan a multi-centre trip to appreciate all its diversity- take a look at just some of the amazing deals we’ve created for you to start your own Sicilian adventure courtesy of Grove Travel.’

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