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Why book through a travel agent???

As a travel agent, all the time I have people saying to me “oh you are still going then, thought the internet has taken over and everyone was booking things for themselves”.

To a certain extent that is true and the internet is not always our friend but the internet is just what it says a system that we use to book things.

But what happens when things go wrong or you want to just speak to someone? There are times when inputting a query and then waiting for an answer is not an option as one of my clients will happily tell you………..

At the end of August I booked a couple to a hotel in Marbella, I booked the flights, hotel and car hire separately as I managed to get a better deal for them.

The day they were due to come home I had a frantic call from the client at 4pm to say that he had stopped at a shopping centre on his way back to the airport and had put his cases, ipad, phone, passports in the boot whilst he shopped.

He came back to find EVERYTHING has been stolen out of the boot. He called me and asked what he should do, I advised him to contact his insurance but he then admitted he didn’t have any.

Several phone calls later I advised him that I had called the car hire company who were happy to let him have another car. His partner had a Romanian passport which I had a copy of so I scanned this and e mailed to the hotel for them.

At 9pm that night after he had driven to Seville I e mailed him a hotel I had booked him for the night.  The following morning I spoke to the clerk at the British Embassy to ensure he could get a new passport, I then rang the client through the day to make sure he had managed to get a passport and would make the flight we had changed.

He finally got home safely, thank goodness.

Do you expect that the internet provides such a service and works from home at 9pm at night??

Obviously things like this don’t happen everyday but we are here to help our clients and provide a service and we are happy to help and go that extra mile for all our clients .

That is why you should use us and give us a try, see you soon.


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