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How to choose a cruise?

Cruising has become the fastest growing sector of the travel market. The big advantage is you are paying for your accommodation and meals in Pounds, with only a small amount of local currency needed so you are safeguarded against all the recent currency movements. Of course, it doesn’t have to be 7 days in the sun; there are many exotic itineraries from the Arctic to the Antarctic to far reaching places around the world. Experience a river cruise throughout Europe, up the mighty Amazon and on many Asian routes.

Halong Bay

Ships come in all shapes and sizes; from a Junk Halong Bay in Vietnam, to the world’s most glamourous ships such as Cunard’s three Queens. The one common thing though is you will have an incredible choice of meals and foods included in the price.

External QM2

How do you choose with such a wide range? Ask an expert. We will take the time to match your requirements to a ship and itinerary to make your dreams come true- call us on 01923 440 000, or email!


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