Complete Canada and Awesome Alaska…

Have you considered Canada or Alaska for your holiday? Canada and Alaska are awe inspiring destinations and we’ve got some great of must sees for your first trip, though there are enough reasons to keep you coming back! Check out our favourite things to do in our Complete Canada and Awesome Alaska guide below.



Complete Canada…
Take in a breath of the great outdoors on a holiday to Canada! From the awe-inspiring sight of Niagara Falls in the East and the majestic Rocky Mountains, to the lush green woodlands and rocky shores of the Western Coast. But a holiday to Canada also promises plenty of exciting cities to discover; explore the historic old quarter and notably French style of Montreal and Quebec City, and the chic urban sprawl of Toronto. Further to the west the urban cities of Victoria and Vancouver boast both historic sights plus several unique surrounding islands giving you a city break with a real twist! And if you’re looking for some high adrenaline excitement there are a wealth of resorts offering high altitude skiing, glacier skiing and snowboarding. So why do we call it complete Canada? Because this country really has it all and with our bespoke holiday packages we can combine a once in a lifetime break with everything you want packed in to your timeframe for a true taste of this vast but warm hearted country.

Itinerary idea choose a 12 night cruise from Quebec City to New York experiencing Prince Edward Island and Halifax.


Awesome Alaska!
Often referred to as ‘The Wilderness State’ Alaska is only one of two U.S. states not bordered by another state and quite rightly boasts some truly exceptional sights to see. One of which is the famous Northern Lights, otherwise known as the Aurora borealis, which can be best seen in Winter but still perfectly possible at the end of summer in early September. This incredible country which is six times larger than the UK also boasts active volcanoes, abundant rainforests, a secluded Arctic frontier and an amazing 100,000+ glaciers! However much of the landscape is well connected by road and also by the superb Alaskan Railroad. To experience true Alaska wilds we can offer you many guided trips and tours to take you to a variety of remote (and not so remote) places, where you can encourage almost any outdoor pursuit, from kayaking and river rafting, to Salmon fly fishing and Kodiak bear watching.

Itinerary idea choose a 13 day inland Alaska tour with train ride from Fairbanks to Denali for an awe-inspiring experience of the lands natural wonders.


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