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Viva Las Vegas!!!

Viva Las Vegas!!!    

People say that Vegas is like Marmite …you either love it or hate it.

Well I love Marmite and Vegas!

Here is why-

Where else can you get up in the middle of the night with jet lag go out and have dinner at 2am if you feel like it?

Maybe even have a quick game of roulette and make new friends round the table.

Go and see some white tigers and lions and then have a look at the Dolphin habitat or swim with sharks in a 22 foot deep shipwreck exhibit.

See the Tour Eiffel and Trevi Fountain, ride a gondola and then ride a 203 foot high roller coaster around the statue of Liberty.

Have a Wayne Newton sandwich in the back stage deli for lunch ( yes,  there is such a thing and its delish!!!).

In the afternoon have a spa treatment and go and buy wedding rings in Tiffany’s ( is there anywhere else to buy them????)

Lounge by the pool and drink cocktails, get married by Elvis (one of the most hilarious/special experiences ever!!-ask me!)

Go and see the Rat Pack and Marilyn Monroe and then eat a fresh Alaskan king crab at Joes for dinner followed by cocktails at the caramel bar in The Bellagio.

Then stroll outside underneth the stars and watch the fountain show while dreaming of seeing Brad Pitt walk by…( Just don’t tell the husband, he’ll still be thinking about Marilyn anyway…..)

This is why Vegas is such a special and unique place to visit and I haven’t even touched on the helicopter trip to The grand Canyon and horse riding on a real working cowboy ranch.

BA and Virgin Atlantic both offer daily flights now from London and with such a vast choice of hotels its time you went and had some fun…..

Bright light city’s gonna set my soul gonna set my soul on fire………..

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