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Penguins !

I know, there is no end to my little obsessions! Baking, travel , penguins, Ah Ha- ooppps I have said too much!

I LOVE Penguins, my Son used to love watching Pengu and we always think if we had one it would be ironing in the front room just like Pengu’s Dad ………!!

Anyway, recently one of my clients returned from a trip that I had tailor made for her to Australia. I did within her trip organise a trip to Philip Island to see the Little Penguins and on her return she kindly bought me a picture and a note of thanks.

Its always nice for us to hear about our clients trips and of course we like to know that everything we arrange has gone smoothly.

She thoroughly enjoyed her time in Australia and all the little add on trips we had booked as and when she had time inbetween visiting relatives.

Sometimes its these little extra things that make a trip special and we can arrange trips and sightseeing almost anywhere world wide so please bare that in mind when we book your next trip, and of course we want to hear all about it when you return!!

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