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Norway and Baking!

I know thats a bit of a strange title on a travel blog, but for those of you that know me you will know of my love of baking!

Last week I tuned in to watch the new Hairy Bikers programme on BBC2 called Bakeation, the perfect programme for me as its like a travel show combined with cooking.

I must admit to you all that I don’t know an awful lot about Norway (apart from the pop group Ah-Ha ! obviously being a bit of an 80’s girl!!) but having seen this show I now want to go ! The scenery was truly spectacular with lush greenery and beautiful waterfalls, also lovely bread!!

Richard has recently booked a honeymoon for a couple who wanted to spend the night in an ice hotel and hopefully see the Northern Lights, here is their report in case I haven’t convinced you enough on the bread theme……..

Hi Richard,

We had an amazing time thank you! The igloo hotel was an amazing experience, and such a cool place. The warm part of the hotel was really nice and really well done, with a big lavoo as the restaurant, and the food there was incredible, the best meal me and Nick have ever had which is saying a lot as we both like our food, the chef there should have at least 2 michelin stars! The ice part of the hotel was even more amazing, the sculptures are incredible, all the furniture is ice and they have a different theme to the sculptures each year, this year bring Norge mythology. We both had a good nights sleep surprisingly, although we did each have 3 layers on, and they give you 2 sleeping bags each, one to sleep in and another to use as a blanket to regulate your temperature, plus reindeer skins under you which are surprisingly good at insulating.

Tromso is a lovely place and our hotel had such a nice view of the mountains. Plus the With hotel is a really great place to stay as the staff were all so nice, it had a really nice atmosphere, and the free afternoon waffles and hot chocolate went down pretty well too!

We did see the northern lights a few times which made it all worth while. Most of the times it was only a little bit and not very green, it almost looks like a misty cloud. On the night that we did the northern light tour, we were a bit worried as it was so cloudy and had been snowing all day, so we didn’t think our chances were very good at all, but all of a sudden the clouds broke and we saw this huge stripe of bright green right across the sky and it stayed out for about half an hour for us to watch, changing into 3 stripes, and the a zig zag at the end, it was amazing!

We really wanted to thank you for all of your help planning our honeymoon, we had such an incredible time and have some amazing memories that will last us a lifetime! I will get Nick to send you some photos!

So Pop in and see us and we’ll show you where to go!

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