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Iceland review

Recently we had a family book a trip to Iceland, when we book a specialist holiday as a package to Iceland it tends to be on the expensive side for a lot of people so we have now started to package things up so that more people can get a feel for Iceland and it is becoming more and more popular especially for families. 

Here is the feedback we had from our client who travelled with his wife and daughter-

In truth there were many highlights and distinguishing our appreciation of them is difficult. Our feeling very much was that Iceland is a very special place and although the word unique is overused it does apply in this case.

Although prices for the trips might seem a little high these really are once in a lifetime  unmissable experiences . Given that the Lights are very special indeed , Sophie felt the Blue Lagoon was tops for her, Terri thought the Geyser the best and I liked the Waterfall(s) but it almost seems unfair to try and distinguish and to not mention Sophies exhilirating Black and Blue day or my whales.

 Iceland Excursions were unfailingly efficient. We would strongly urge people to use a hotel within easy walking distance of the city centre as we did . The outskirts are quite big and we would not have like being so remote. We thought the centre of the city and particularly the old part delightful . Lots of really interesting modern and traditional  statues. Plenty of very good eateries , the tip being as ever to use those patronised by the locals. Our hotel would not be suitable for people seeking a bit of luxury and be prepared for the sulphur smell from the water.

 So why not pop in and see us and we can help design your perfect sightseeing holiday!

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